Tangy Orange Soap With Vitamin C and Orange Juice for Deep Cleansing

08-600x600 Tangy Orange Soap   transparent Soaps , clear Soaps , Organic Soaps
Product SKU: GSOS

Product Description:

Tangy Orange Soap is a perfect solution to recharge your morning with fresh & tangy orange essential oil. Zesty Orange juice to revitalise & tone your glowing skin making you feel fresh all the day.

Product Benefits:

Tangy Orange Soap is a clear transparent soap with organic natural oils and Emollient like Glycerin & Sorbitol nourishes and offer excellent feel and Pampiness to your skin & relieves unwanted dryness.

Special Ingredients:

  1. Orange Essential Oil- Fresh tangy scent of orange gives jump start morning day. It is Anti-Septic, Anti-inflammatory and acne caring oils.
  2. Orange Juice- It is an excellent beauty aid in reversing the ageing process.



Tangy_Orange Tangy Orange Soap   transparent Soaps , clear Soaps , Organic Soaps

Weight 100 g


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